Medical Network

Eurocross Turkey’s medical network consists of over 1.000 service providers ranging from some of the top hospitals in Turkey to various clinics, air and ground ambulance companies, pharmacies, dialysis centers, medical equipment providers and many other organizations that we collaborate with in order to deliver the highest quality of care to patients and fulfill the ultimate cost/performance expectations of our clients.

All our providers are handpicked based on various parameters such as performance, geographical location, quality in pricing, transparency and a never-ending willingness to adapt to change.

Through resourceful and efficient management of this network, Eurocross Turkey delivers each individual case to perfection making use of its signature blend of technicality, creativity and cost-efficiency.

The providers are frequently audited and systematically encouraged to bring the high level of standards that Eurocross Turkey is known for.
Our providers see Eurocross Turkey as an asset – a straight-forward, cooperative and transparent organization that is easy and rewarding to deal with. We are open about our quality demands and promote a proactive two-sided dialogue with our providers. Our providers know what to expect from us and what we expect of them. It is this approach that has led to the successful execution of over 500.000 cases that we have managed until this day.

Contact our Medical Network Department here to be a part of our medical provider network.

Roadside Network

On the vehicle assistance side, Eurocross Turkey possesses one of the Nation’s most comprehensive and up-to-date roadside assistance provider networks, boasting over 4000 garages, towing companies, roadside technicians, customs clearance offices, spare parts providers and so forth.

Covering even the remotest locations of Turkey on a 24/7 basis with a particular density in populated urban areas, Eurocross Turkey’s network is a powerful tool for insurers, auto manufacturers and corporations to make use of in delivering a streamlined, high quality and cost-effective service for drivers.

Contact our Roadside Network Department here to be a part of our roadside assistance provider network.